The writing service is for clients who have material that needs to be shaped into eloquently presented text, but who do not have the time or confidence to do it alone. With adequate communication from the client, Materials and Methods can be written from protocols, Results can be written from raw data, and Introduction and Discussion sections can be written from bullet points with references provided by the client.

Ethically, the author client is responsible for providing:

  • Formatting expectations, such as a link to author instructions or indication of APA style, etc.
  • Approximate length expectations
  • Rationale/aims
  • All necessary Methods details (can be lab protocols, bullet lists, short-hand summaries)
  • Complete data to be reported as Results, such as tables (raw spreadsheets are OK), figure components (e.g. images, statistical analysis, etc.)
  • Indication of topics to be covered in the Discussion (e.g., prior studies it confirms, extends, disputes)
  • Study limitations (brief list is fine)
  • Conclusions
  • PDFs of all essential references that the writer will need to access (links to Open Access papers are OK).

Additionally, the author client is encouraged to provide:

  • Any pieces of text that represent ideas you want expressed; tell us if they require rewriting due to prior publication
  • Points you want to emphasize
  • Completed reference list (we may add to it)
  • Indications of particular components you expect to be Supplementary Materials
  • Further explanations of any aspects of the paper

There is a trade-off between the amount of preparation and thoroughness of materials provided by you and the working time billed. You can reduce the cost by providing very thorough starting materials, or you can reduce your time spent by shifting that working time to us. If you send a rough draft of the whole manuscript text, then the order service will be changed to a Superior edit, which will save you cost.

Production of figures and tables can be added on as a secondary service, billed at the lower figure/table work rate.


Write Science Right’s consulting services can address the needs of a wide variety of clientele needs:

  • Direct instruction to improve your writing ability
    • Retrospective: comprehensive instructional explanation of structural development, logical flow considerations, grammar/syntax rules, as a secondary service with Editing service or Translation service
    • Prospective: Step-by-step guidance tutorial through a multi-draft writing process, as a secondary service with Writing service
  • Mock review and/or feedback on weaknesses
  • Review/correction/explanation of scientific concepts
  • Provide feedback about how an authors’ ideas fit with the currently established scientific body of knowledge (i.e., for non-scientist authors).
  • Finding appropriate target journals as a Standard edit add-on service (can be included in Premium or Superior edit upon request)

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