Spectrum of clientele—local and international cooperation

We have clients from all regions of the globe and of all sizes.


Principal investigators send us a great variety of documents, including research articles, review articles, grant applications, letters, referee comments (as reviewers), referee replies (as authors), book chapters, patents, slide shows, and talks. Many also take advantage of our services for helping to improve their trainees’ writing.


Clinicians often have the least amount of time to dedicate to the writing process and generally write less frequently than academic researchers. For this reason, we have many clinician clients, more than any other group, who are themselves native English speakers but may be unfamiliar with scientific style and formatting and/or unable to spend much time beyond a very rough draft.

Postdoctoral and staff researchers

Despite having some experience writing, many postdocs received minimal scientific writing training in graduate school. This problem leaves many postdocs in the awkward position of struggling to produce a draft they have confidence in. Likewise, many postdocs are English language learners and may need many years of writing support to produce linguistically solid works.


Whether you are a student yourself or having students in your research group that need writing help, you’ve come to right place. We have many graduate, and even undergraduate, clients eager to become better writers and keen to give their principal investors work that is properly formed to move forward with. Students also appreciate our support in application preparation. We can provide detailed feedback and modeling that will teach you, or your student(s), to be better writers and presenters of information. Students who do not have grant/principal investigator support for editing can request a student discount.

Departments and institutions

Establishing a group relationship with Write Science Right benefits the publication profile of the group at large and is a much appreciated faculty benefit. If you are interested in doing so for your associates, please contact us directly to discuss a volume discount contract.

Journal editors/managers

Journal editors/managers can outsource copyediting/formatting to Write Science Right. Additionally, if the journal budget can provide writing support for authors, journal staff can submit work directly to us for substantive language and structural editing.

Independent writers

In addition to providing language and structural editing, we can help independent writers extensively with the writing process and provide advice regarding the validity of the presentation of scientific concepts within text and likely pitfalls/criticisms that could be addressed before publication.

No project is too small. And, given sufficient time for the human work involved, no project is too large.

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What our clients say

“Thanks Ann! One look at your work and I knew there was a big difference in my paper. Much shorter, just like I asked.”
— Porto Alegre, Brazil

“Write Science Right is my secret weapon. I used to have trouble getting my papers published. Since I started using your service, it’s much easier. Thank you.”
— Shenzhen, China

“We have used many different companies, but never received editing nearly as good or thorough as from you. Thank you for doing such good work at such an affordable price.”
— Taipei, Taiwan

“Thank you for finishing so quick. I showed coworkers and we think you did a great job.”
— Tokyo, Japan

“I did not think it was possible to get my paper in the journal’s strict length limit. You cut the length in half without losing any of the important information. Amazing.”
— Paris, France

“I think your service has helped me to express my work properly. Many thanks.”
— Mexico City, Mexico

“You made it possible finally to get our case reports published. I don’t think I could have found the time to get these ready without your help.”
— Chicago, USA

“My paper reads much better now. Thank you for your great work.”
— Seoul, South Korea

“Your business was very easy to deal with. I see you do very good work. Thank you very much.”
— Tokyo, Japan

“By far the best translation we had. Other translators we tried before always confused the science.”
— Benovento, Italy

“I appreciate the personal service. Great Job!!!”
— Los Angeles, USA

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