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Q:  What types of documents does Write Science Right edit or translate?
A:  All forms of technical scientific writing including, but not limited to, original research papers, review articles, letters, grant applications, reviewer (referee) comments, replies to reviewers, brochures, poster/slide presentations, theses/dissertations, educational texts, forms, and instruction sheets.

Q:  In what form should documents for editing be submitted?
A:  The preferred document form is Microsoft Word®. Slide/poster presentations can be submitted as PowerPoint® files. Supportive documents can be accepted in most common file platforms, such as PDF files, TIFF files, JPEG files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, etc.

Q:  Should figures and tables be included in the order?
A:  Yes. Upload accompanying figure/table documents with your order to help your editor better understand the ideas that you want to communicate. When you upload each file, you will have the option to designate whether it is for editing or for reference only. Ideally, tables should be produced with the Microsoft Word® table tool and included in the main manuscript document or, if separate, all in a single table document. Figures can be included in the main document, but preferably should be uploaded separately in a single file (if possible) or as separate files if necessary (e.g. .tif images). You are welcome to submit them to us in accordance with the preferences of the intended publisher.

Q:  Should references be included in the order even though they don’t need editing?
A:  Yes. Actually, YES PLEASE! It is very useful, sometimes indispensable, for us to refer to associated references to decipher ambiguous text. For example, the wording we choose will be different if the sentence we’re working on is describing an original research report versus a review, an in vitro versus in vivo finding, or a clinical versus experimental model finding. Often, we just need a little more information or a particular missing detail to turn text that is not contributing to the narrative into text that is strengthening or clarifying your point in a meaningful way.

Q:  Can my paper be reformatted or reduced?
A: Yes. If you are having trouble meeting a size limit, we can help. Papers can also be revamped for a different target journal/article type. Premium level service should be ordered for these kinds of major revisions.

Q:  How do I know what level of editing service I should order?
A:  You can use this worksheet to help you figure out which level of editing is most appropriate. Otherwise, it is usually safest to request the middle level (Premium). If you choose a higher level than needed, we will reduce the bill. If you choose a lower level than needed, we will either ask if you are willing to upgrade or give you advice regarding further work that is needed.

Q:  Are documents submitted for scientific editing kept confidential?
A:  Absolutely yes. Your documents and all correspondence with Write Science Right will remain private. Write Science Right does not give away or sell any information about our clients to anyone. See our privacy statement for more information about confidentiality issues. 

Q:  How long will it take for my editing order to be completed?
A:  Editing service orders typically take 4–6 days (7-day return option). Rush orders (+40% cost) <8000 words are returned within 2–3 days. Large orders (>8000 words) take longer, while small orders (<2000 words) may be returned more quickly. See TURNAROUND TIME page for more information.

Q:  How long will it take for my translation order to be completed?
A:  Typically, translation orders take a couple days longer than editing orders (e.g., 7–9 days) because two people need to go through them. See TURNAROUND TIME page for more information.

Q:  When do I pay?
A:  Make your payment promptly after your invoice is ready (within a day; you will receive an email notifying you after it is ready). To prevent delays in accessing the final documents, arrange the payment well ahead of the return date. Refer to the PAYMENT OPTIONS page for more information.

Q:  Can I cancel an order? How?
A:  It depends on how much time you allow to pass. When it is in “submitted” or “incomplete” status, you can delete the order from your client page yourself and owe nothing. After it has moved to “received” (second stage), you should email us or send a note from the order page requesting that it be cancelled. In either case, your order will be completely deleted and you will owe nothing. If your paper is in “working” status, you are responsible for the editor’s time spent, if any; email ASAP to cancel with urgency. If your paper is in “final review” or “ready” status, the work is done and it is too late to cancel the order because the time was already used. For additional information, see our Cancellation Policy.

Q:  Does Write Science Right provide editorial services for native English speakers who struggle with writing?
A:  Yes. Likewise, we provide services to clients who don’t have time to write or academic writing experience (e.g. clinicians).

Q:  What if my institution is slow to pay?
A:  We ask that you have initiated the payment process by the target return date with the understanding that it may take more time for the payment to be processed. You should provide us with the proper purchasing department information (e.g. a purchase order, “PO”) to release the payment hold.

Q:  Can I prepay for future orders? What is a deposit account?
A:  Clients can pre-pay a lump sum for numerous orders to be completed in the future. This option may save you substantial bank fees if you pay by bank transfers. If you have grant money you need to spend out before a deadline, you can pre-pay and have the money applied to future orders.

Q:  What if I need to change my paper after editing?
A:  Re-submit it for a follow-up edit. There are three kinds of follow-up editing depending upon the situation.

Q:  What if the editor misunderstood what I was trying to say?
A:  Tell us, and we will fix it. The best way to identify a misunderstanding is with the margin comment tool. Use the Recheck follow-up service (FREE).

Q:  What if a journal editor or reviewer makes a complaint?
A: Submit it for a Recheck with the PDF from the journal as a reference document. We will run a comparison between the version we returned and the version you submitted because in the vast majority of cases such complaints are derived from post-editing revisions.

Q:  How is Write Science Right different than most other editing companies?
A:  All of our editors are Native English speakers who have earned completed doctorates, conducted research, and have extensive experience reading, writing, and publishing scientific articles. We don’t use graduate students or English second language editors, period. The greatest benefit of working with Write Science Right is the exceptionally high standard of quality that this service maintains. Your Write Science Right editor will not simply go through and provide English patches or “polishing”. Rather, your editor will further recommend changes that improve the overall quality and readability of your documents. A good understanding of the science is the foundation of all of our editorial advice.

Q:  How much experience does Write Science Right have?
A:  We are one of the original companies in this field, having been in business since 2001. Several tens of thousands of published papers were edited by Write Science Right.

Q:  Does Write Science Right offer any discounts?
A:  (1) 10% discounts for students who don’t have principal investigator or institutional support for editing. (2) High-volume discounts for journals, large research groups, and institutions. High-volume means on the order of 5+ orders/month or 60+ orders/year.

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“Thanks Ann! One look at your work and I knew there was a big difference in my paper. Much shorter, just like I asked.”
— Porto Alegre, Brazil

“Write Science Right is my secret weapon. I used to have trouble getting my papers published. Since I started using your service, it’s much easier. Thank you.”
— Shenzhen, China

“We have used many different companies, but never received editing nearly as good or thorough as from you. Thank you for doing such good work at such an affordable price.”
— Taipei, Taiwan

“Thank you for finishing so quick. I showed coworkers and we think you did a great job.”
— Tokyo, Japan

“I did not think it was possible to get my paper in the journal’s strict length limit. You cut the length in half without losing any of the important information. Amazing.”
— Paris, France

“I think your service has helped me to express my work properly. Many thanks.”
— Mexico City, Mexico

“You made it possible finally to get our case reports published. I don’t think I could have found the time to get these ready without your help.”
— Chicago, USA

“My paper reads much better now. Thank you for your great work.”
— Seoul, South Korea

“Your business was very easy to deal with. I see you do very good work. Thank you very much.”
— Tokyo, Japan

“By far the best translation we had. Other translators we tried before always confused the science.”
— Benovento, Italy

“I appreciate the personal service. Great Job!!!”
— Los Angeles, USA

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