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The quality of your figures and tables can make a strong impression on readers. Table/figure revision and production can be ordered as a standalone service (billed per quarter hour), within the scope of premium or superior editing services, or as an add-on service to any other service option. The editor will need to be given all relevant statistical information that should be represented, including the tests performed, nature of comparisons, and statistical values.


You can provide rough figures, components of figures, or data to be made into publication ready figures

Improvements to rough figures include:

  • Creating symmetry
  • Reducing wasted space
  • Removing unnecessary complications/distractions
  • Combining multiple figures into a single figure
  • adding panel labels

The visual clarity of image-containing figures depends upon the resolution (dpi) of the images we are given to work with. Most journals request that images be at least 300 dpi.

We can produce graphs de novo for you from your data submitted in spreadsheet or table form.


You can provide rough tables, tabbed data, or spreadsheet data to be made into publication ready tables.

Improvements to rough tables include:

  • Improving organization
  • Improving word efficiency/removal of redundancy
  • Making tables more easily understood by readers
  • Ensuring that table format adheres to scientific publishing and journal standards
Tips for making good figures and tables on your own

Each figure should be a cohesive, grouped object produced with graphics/illustration software, with consistent formatting, sharp alignment, and an efficient use of space.

Tables should generally be produced with the Microsoft Word® table tool, not with tabs and inserted lines, and not in spreadsheet programs (e.g. Excel). EVERY column and row needs a heading or stub, respectively, even the first one. The first column should be left justified and all others should be centered unless they contain a lot of text. The title should be no more than a sentence; all other information should be in a footnote. Data to be compared directly should be side by side (within row) for horizontal comparison. Each datum must be in its own table cell, not tabbed within a large super cell.

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